We have vitamins, protein shakes, energy drinks and more! Our supplements are designed to work with your body naturally. Everything is plant-based and all natural. I can help you customize a weight loss regimen that will fit your lifestyle as well as your needs.

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protein shakes

Energize your workouts, build lean muscle mass, and support your healthy metabolism! That’s the power of plant-based protein in It Works! Shake! This comes in vanilla and chocolate! We also have other protein shakes and depending on your goals I can help you figure out which one is best for you!


Weight loss supplements

These are one of our best selling weight loss supplements. Take this after eating your biggest meal of the day. It will block some of carbs and fats from your meal. We all want to eat better, but sometimes bad meals happen. Along with this supplement, we have others that can target different body types and different goals. Feel free to contact me to find what is right for you!

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new you

Stimulate your body’s natural human growth hormone production to improve lean muscle mass, enhance your exercise endurance, and turn back the hands of time from the inside out with New You!